Trailer as found


This Trailer was found in the woods of New Hampshire, it had been used as a hunting cabin for many years. Overall it was in good shape for a trailer that had been exposed to northern extremes for over 50 years. There was some water damage on the inside but nothing that could not be repaired. This damage can be seen in some of the interior photos. Most everything was there and no prior work had been done to it, which can be considered good and bad. Problem number one I live in Virginia so getting it home was going to be an undertaking especially considering the trailer had not been moved in some 30+ years. I had the wheels replaced and bearings re-packed. A temporary set of running lights was strung and I was ready to go. The trailer pulled like a charm, I could barely tell it was behind me.
This is how I found it, on a mountainside in New Hampshire. It was hard to get a good clear shot of the trailer because there were lots of trees and other objects around it.

interior shots from New Hampshire