Front plexiglass window replacement

One of the first restoration tasks on this trailer was to make it water tight. This meant that all water leaks from the windows had to be stopped. All the windows save the front Plexiglas picture windows were in great shape.  
The other windows on the trailer are glass, therefore much more stable.
  Plexiglas was a fairly new technology for 1946. Plexiglas was used extensively for the first time during WWII for aviation purposes as can be seen here in the nose cone of a B17 bomber. It allowed for much lighter and complex forms. Spartan Aircraft having had experience with this material readily adapted it to their line of trailer manufacture. It was a well suited match.

When I originally found this trailer two of the front windows had been poorly replaced . They had been sized poorly and installed with a messy application of caulk. The curved left panel was original with heavy crazing. Most of the seal had severe dry rot and was barely holding the window in place. (This photo was taken in its original resting spot in New Hampshire.)

Updates or changes in my restoration are noted in green.

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