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1956 Royal Mansion - $24,500 OBO - SOLD


1956 Royal Mansion. ***THIS IS A ROYAL MANSION WITH AN IMPERIAL TAG**  Interesting fact from a Spartan collector: “The tag states it’s only 40’ on the badge which is royal mansion length but it says imperial so definitely something the manufacture did  that’s a awesome history on her as well”. The tag is original and factory applied.

It has been “attached” to a house by a small hallway, and has served as the kitchen to the house. It has now  been moved away from the house using a front tow tractor. It was brought on the property in 1964, and was then turned to it’s current position in 1976, where it has remained. The axels and tires are original, so would need to be transported on a trailer. 

 The walls and ceilings are in amazing shiny condition.  There is about a 3x3 foot area outside of the bathroom that is soft.  Fixtures are original with the exception o 2 wall sconces in the kitchen/dining area.  The side tables and built in headboard are still in the rear bedroom. We also found the original kitchen chairs, but the table is missing.  There is evidence of a small leak from one of the front side windows, and the front window needs a new gasket as it has separated.  The refrigerator is in, but doesn’t work. Original furnace also remains. There is a gas range that was put in about 10 years ago and currently works.  Clear title and trailer has a current Oregon registration through 5/2024.  It  is located in Springfield Oregon.  


1956 Royal Mansion - $24,500 OBO

location:  Springfield, Oregon





Date ad posted 12/19/2022