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1955 Royal Mansion - $34,500


1955 Royal Mansion 37’ double ender turned into a very cozy tiny home cottage enjoyed every weekend for the past 10 years.  Previous owners also used it as a secondary vacation home so it has been regularly maintained, improved and loved over the last decades, including resealing of the roof every few years. Looking for its next loving occupants for decades to come.


Layout includes full bedroom in the back, built-in closets and bathroom with sink and shower/tub in the middle section, and open kitchen, dining & living room at the front.  Windows all around, especially at both ends, allows for amazing viewpoints of all your surroundings. Equipped with a small Morso 2B wood stove for heating, original Dixie propane stove range in perfect working condition, small modern propane fridge, original table and seating, pull-out couch and more.  Original lighting and electrical outlets all in working condition.


Trailer weighs approx. 7,500lbs and has not moved for the last decade: Could require some updates and roadworthiness papers to make it towable if planned to use as a regular travel trailer.  Has minor dent at only two locations and a few non-stock components that predates my ownership, but it is amazingly in pristine original condition for something built more than 65 years ago !

1955 Royal Mansion - $34,500

location:  Montreal, Canada


Philippe Malépart



Date ad posted 10/29/2021