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1954 Royal Mansion - sold $44,100.00



Rare “Double Ender” 37 feet Original woodwork.

Extremely rare, double ender, only 3 left in the world.


Hello Spartan lovers!I bought this 1954 beauty from the original owners in 2006 and it has been amazing. Rare! I have found only 3 ( yes, three left in the world) of this "Double Ender" model. "Double-Ender) means that in the bedroom you have the same gigantic windows as you do in the living room. It's awesome! (Most Royal Mansions only have a small bedroom to have the rare treat of big windows in the bedroom is wonderful on a sunlit morning or to gaze at stars at night.) This trailer was featured in the new sci fi show on Amazon Prime. "The Gunrunner Billy Kane". I was a superhost with this trailer for three straight years...everyone from all-over-the-world would fly in...just to stay in the Spartan. I'm only selling it as I bought property on a mountain-top in Big Sur, CA with steep, hair-pin turns and there is no way to bring the Spartan to my property. All of the woodwork is original except for the oak floor that I put in. (The original tile floor was in need of replacement, so I went with good wood. Lovely) Original refrigerator and "Dixie-wanderer" stove. Both in perfect working condition. In the pictures you will see a 1954 bakelite tv which is not included in the sale, but everything else you see comes with the trailer. Dishes, everything. In the bathroom, my ex did a custom "Squid" design. The bathroom walls over the years get pretty saturated with steam and tend to get now the shower is awesome. The design and custom work took over a month, creating every bit of the squid design by hand. I took out the old propane heater and used electric heaters which will come with the trailer. I put in a 3000 dollar instantaneous propane water heater where the old propane heater used to be...and it's hidden so that everything looks clean and you have endless piping hot water. The trailer is easy to tow with a 1 ton truck, (2 inch ball) and I have the original glass lights that came with the trailer, but on the trailer right now are the temporary towing lights. Original (Black and Gold) CA license plate, clean title, etc. At one point I paid a crew to give her a buff-shine and it really does look like a mirror after they do one of those buff jobs. (of course it costs you 2500 bucks and it only lasts about a year) You are more than welcome to schedule an appointment to come by and see the Spartan. Shoot me an email and we can exchange numbers and I'll give you a tour. Buyer must pick up at 4343 Virgina Avenue, Oakland, CA 94619


Here are a few answers to some of the good questions coming in. Is there rust? Answer: Almost none. For a 70 year old trailer.. it has almost none. Probably 3 hours of wire brush and you could remove any surface rust on the bottom. The roof has been resealed every few years. There are no leaks that I know of. All the birchwood is original. The oak floor is 3/4 inch thick. The bathroom is all original with the original toilet...and the wall in the shower has been custom rebuilt with "squid" design as mentioned in the main description. The fans in the bathroom, above the oven, etc, are all original. All windows, doors, screens are original. The doorbell is original. They all work perfectly. Folks are sending lots of emails asking me what I thing it will sell for? I have a buddy who works at a vintage restoration shop in colorado. His best guess...(because it's so rare) was something like..."Well, I don't know... it could go for 35K up to just never know with a rare model in this condition." So there you have it...I really don't know what this will bid up to...but there is no reserve! So Happy Bidding! Feel free to send any questions or to schedule a walk-through!


location:  Oakland, CA 94619

contact: Email:



Date ad posted 10/5/2021